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Here's a nice comparison of the CX-3 vs. HR-V from Australia. Pretty much what we're expecting, buy the Mazda for the "sporty" feel, buy the HR-V for utility.

I really like the side by side photos :D
That is great article...thanks.
That tiny hatch and low roof height on the CX-3 confirms my choice of the HR-V.

It does bring up a misgiving I have been having about the HR-V. That is the noise levels. They hover between 70 and 85 dBA on both. Now any reviews I have heard about the CVT mention it is noisy when the revs are high. I am hoping the 6 speed manual will alleviate this concern.

I also suspect the LX will not have the same sound deadening material the EX and EX-L will have.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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