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no AWD for europe

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I've just read in the greek honda site that it was refreshed today that there will be no AWD for the europe market. I am very disapointed and will start looking for an alternative :crying:
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We've known that for a while, there was a press release mid February. Fortunately I don't need AWD, but I know it's quite a disappointment for many people and don't understand why Honda is doing this :(

And to make it worse, we have to wait until at least september for the HR-V to arrive here...
I don't see why awd wouldn't be available for in the European market when the land is very hilly in a lot of places. And the weather is a lot more convenient to drive in using an awd system. That's a bummer
I can't understand it either, especially when almost all the competition has awd. Only the nissan juke does not have awd. Today I went to look the new suzuki vitara allgrip
This could be due to a supply issue, you guys will probably get AWD in the future model year
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