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Power steering noise normal?

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Hi there,

I recently bought a HR-V and yesterday I noticed that when I turn the wheel when the car is parked with the engine running, I can hear a very soft noise in the car that is not really disturbing but i'm not sure if its normal.

It sounds like someone is regularly knocking on the bottom of the car very softly.

Is this the normal operation of the powersteering or mechanics?


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You are not really supposed to turn the steering wheel when the car is parked. It puts a lot of load on the mechanism. You should at least be creeping slowly so the wheels can steer as they advance.

In all the cars I have driven, the power steering is totally silent. I suspect that if you hear a knocking there is a problem in the steering linkage. It is a 13 year old car ! You might prefer to live with the noise rather than undertake expensive repairs. If you know an honest mechanic, he might check if it is anything unsafe.
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