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Power steering noise normal?

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Hi there,

I recently bought a HR-V and yesterday I noticed that when I turn the wheel when the car is parked with the engine running, I can hear a very soft noise in the car that is not really disturbing but i'm not sure if its normal.

It sounds like someone is regularly knocking on the bottom of the car very softly.

Is this the normal operation of the powersteering or mechanics?


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BTW it is not a new one like in the banner here, it is a 2001 model HR-V ;)

Thanks Eric,

I noticed it when I used the wheel during parking, so technically it wasn't 100% still, but barely moving :)

Thats too bad, I was hoping it would be some kind of pumping mechanism or something...I guess I could go back to the dealer that sold the car and show it to him...
Hi there,

Thanks for all your help!

I was on holiday this week, my HR-v had a temporary engine check error P0171 but that was maybe because I changed the air filter with a very cheap one that looked a bit different from the original one?

I checked the steering fluid and it seems to be okay, a bit more than low level...

Today I replaced the oil and filter and was able to look at the steering mechanism, I noticed that there was greasy gray stuff in the area around the steering parts on the driver side, it had also greased up the dynamo, anyone know what it could be? It is not steering fluid i think because that looks pretty thin to me, not like the thick gray grease I saw...

On monday I will take it to the place that sold it to me, see what they have to say.

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Hi there!

Yeah, I went to a Honda garage with it since they are specialized in this type of car. The good news is that the grease was not from the steering but from a leaking velocity joint rubber. The noise in my powersteering was not harmful, maybe just a cogwheel that is a bit worn out he said, he also put some extra fluid in the system.

Hopefully it wil not become worse, it is now a very subtle noise I can hardly hear.


Haha Vtec, I hope thats a joke, I don't even think there is a leak actually...since the grease I saw was not from the powersteering at all (maybe I didnt translate 'velocity joint rubber' correctly, I mean a part of the axes that rotate the wheels?)

The level of fluid was just not max so he filled it to the brim now (dunno if thats a good idea because it was leaking out of the drum after driving)

But the level before was certainly not lower than the minimum either, so maybe it was just filled like that.
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