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great video's thanks for posting them, love seeing the hrv like this
I think that the 2.0-liter gas turbo would be a bit of overkill for the HR-V. I'd love it, but I just don't think it is very likely, unless they decide to make some kind of special edition or performance model.
It sure would, i'm afraid it would take pricing up higher, much higher than it should be for this segment, which of course will be a bad thing.
I wouldn't doubt that's what happened, but there are people who have full time jobs doing this stuff so maybe they just know where to be? Could be either one really. But if you see a video of a test mule, likely that car maker wants you to see it, otherwise they would be testing on closed off or private roads.
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Yeah that video is pretty old, I think it has been posted here a few times already now.
1 - 5 of 21 Posts
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