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Rattling noise from center (gearbox area)

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There is a rattling noise from what seems like the inside of the gearbox in the middle of the car.

I cannot for the dear life of my figure out where the hell it is coming from and my dealership is booked until 10 days from today. I literally JUST bought the car last saturday (used 2019, with 18k miles on it).

Can anyone help me figure out where the sound is coming from and how to fix it ?? It is driving me insane.

Thanks for all the help.

This is the sound it makes.

Here is another video
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I'm not mechanically minded, but it sounds to me more like a loose trim rattle, rather than a mechanical issue. Check the seats, centre console for anything loose or rubbing together. I'd also check that the rear seats are secured properly, especially the floor mount as they should lock in place with a click.

if that doesn't solve it. take it back to the place you bought it from and get them to investigate it.
Also check the engine compartment and make sure a leaf or something plastic is not rubbing.
To me it sounds like something stuck between the rotor and the wheel.
SO after 2 trips to the dealer nothing is fixed. The weird thing i found is that when I press down on the center console plastic (the plastic with P R N D S ) the sound goes away. I have a friend that has the same model so we tried switching the plastic covers but the same sound is still there and whne I press down on the plastic, the sound goes away. Any thoughts or opinions?
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