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Rear Brake Pad Replacement FYI

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My HR-V is about three years old with 58600 miles. I thought it was about time to replace the brake pads (it wasn't, as it still had about 40% friction material left in it), BUT I made an interesting discovery about the HR-V rear brakes.

Here's a video that may be helpful in rewinding the rear brake pistons when new pads need to be put in.

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RAS954, how are the new rotors and pads? i will be doing my rear rotors soon, strange grooves on the driver side. The front rotors are fine so there must be a problem with the rear design.
Made the jump and order the Power Stop K2370 Z23 kit from Amazon, not sure why but when I was looking it was going for $69.00 for rotors and pads, today it is back to 112.19.

the instructions in this thread all were great. When I took the caliper off, I found out why the brakes were doing what it was doing, both sets of pads were frozen to the slides, no movement at all and I had to use a hammer to knock the pads out. The new pads are slightly better but there is too much interference with the slides, I put everything back together because I have to drive it today, but will probably taken it all apart to give the pads some more movement. I'm thinking this is caused by the corrosion / rust on the calipers even though the fronts are working fine. Anyone have clues to why this is happening?
On other Hondas, the caliper metal corrodes UNDER the stainless steel clips/slides. You take the slides off, file the metal, then apply brake grease before re-fitting the SS clips.

Sometimes with aftermarket pads, you need to file the edges of the backing plates, too. Goal is to have them 'falling-out' loose.

The rears seem to pose issues first because 1. they are in road spray/salt and 2. the rear brakes never get as hot as the fronts (so the bits retain water).
That's what I am thinking. The old ones were so jammed that I had to pound them out. I will work on them this weekend. Thanks
Got around to freeing up the pads on Monday. Took just over a half hour to do, filed down the slides and the pads are free!!. The corrosion was thick but came off easily. Is there any way to prevent this from happening again? Or will this be a check and clean up every other year or so.
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