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Rear Brake Pad Replacement FYI

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My HR-V is about three years old with 58600 miles. I thought it was about time to replace the brake pads (it wasn't, as it still had about 40% friction material left in it), BUT I made an interesting discovery about the HR-V rear brakes.

Here's a video that may be helpful in rewinding the rear brake pistons when new pads need to be put in.

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Hi folks

I am in the process of replacing the rotors (pitted and rusted) in the back of my 2016 HRV.

I did the same on my wife's 2015 BMW X3 and the process seems to be the same even the torx bit is the same size.
People at the forums had complains that teh got warnings and the emergency brake would not engage but I did mine and i had no issues whatsoever.

It has been like 3 weeks and the car is working fine.

I have the rotors and pads on order and I will be doing it myself. FYI here is my rear right rotor pitted and all rusted:




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