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Rear Brake Pad Replacement FYI

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My HR-V is about three years old with 58600 miles. I thought it was about time to replace the brake pads (it wasn't, as it still had about 40% friction material left in it), BUT I made an interesting discovery about the HR-V rear brakes.

Here's a video that may be helpful in rewinding the rear brake pistons when new pads need to be put in.

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The video was great, something to be aware of, not sure if the dealer is feeding me a line. I had to replace rear brakes and rotors at 48k on a 206 HRV 6MT since the sounding like they were grinding and the rotors were pitted and not worn properly. Replaced both and used the video above to get them on and off. Breaks work great and no issues. A week later, I park the car, still running and engage the parking break, return and the break will not disengage, the Break System, PARK and (P)! lights come on and stay on. Tried disconnecting the battery to reset the system, no luck. They finally released about 20 minutes later and I took it to the Honda dealer.

Dealer Service reps told me that the right rear electronic caliper needs to be replaced because I did not take it to the shop to have the brakes and rotors done at the shop. Was informed that "you need to put the electronic system into Maintenance Mode to do anything on the rear brakes" can only do this with Honda maintenance software.

Not sure if I believe the dealer's explanation since i was having issues with the rear brakes before, (pulsing rough grinding breaking) just no warning indicators

Figure I would throw out what the dealer informed me incase there is some truth to it
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RAS954, how are the new rotors and pads? i will be doing my rear rotors soon, strange grooves on the driver side. The front rotors are fine so there must be a problem with the rear design.
I had issues with my rear rotors wearing grooves mainly on rear passenger side, replace the rotors and pads and they were good for a week and then the right rear caliper went out at 47K, it was replaced and the EPB module had to also be replaced. my 2016 HRV now has 57k and the left rear caliper went out on the highway and messed up the left rear rotor. had to replace the left rear caliper and rotor.

Logged a complaint with Honda and was informed its normal wear and its my fault as i had aftermarket rotors on the vehicle causing the issues.

I think Honda put a bad lot of brake parts on the 2016 HRV and will not admit it until enough people file official complaints with the NHTSA

Hope you have better luck with your breaks than I did. But keep an eye on the calipers....
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