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Rear tire camber??

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Hi all. Just picked up my 2023 HRV sport, and I've noticed the rear wheels seem to have some camber to them. Is this normal? I have already taken it back to the dealership and they did an alignment, which they did end up finding a toe issue with the right rear, but said the camber in the rear is within spec. Has anyone else seen this?
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That negative camber looks excessive to me.

Apparently, car designers put in a little such camber to assist in cornering, but I dislike the look where the wheels aren't square to the road. And who needs the shortened tire life?

Sometimes body design gives a visual illusion of excessive camber, but you seem well beyond that.

I've come to believe that modern computer controlled tire balancing and alignment equipment are not being properly operated by techs these days. The equipment is so automated, they don't know when things are astray.
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It's a guess, but I don't think rear camber is adjustable.

But some aftermarket parts might make it so.


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