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Rear tire camber??

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Hi all. Just picked up my 2023 HRV sport, and I've noticed the rear wheels seem to have some camber to them. Is this normal? I have already taken it back to the dealership and they did an alignment, which they did end up finding a toe issue with the right rear, but said the camber in the rear is within spec. Has anyone else seen this?
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It's a guess, but I don't think rear camber is adjustable.

But some aftermarket parts might make it so.
Yes these kits have been around for many years for many cars.....Dealers know about it but a lot of them dont want to spend the time to do it right...because it does take time to install and remove shims to get it right along with a alignment check after each shim is added or removed...
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if its not adjustable they will have to make new parts - IF they decide HONDA is in the wrong.
The aftermarket world did come up with adjustable type control arms for this civic - BUT their intent was to allow adjustablity for lowered/racing suspensions etc.
This is not for the HRV.. It is for the civic and yes they used control arms on them along with the 07 accord I had... The HRV is a sold axle and the shim kits WILL work...getting the dealer to do it is another thing...
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