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Rear tire camber??

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Hi all. Just picked up my 2023 HRV sport, and I've noticed the rear wheels seem to have some camber to them. Is this normal? I have already taken it back to the dealership and they did an alignment, which they did end up finding a toe issue with the right rear, but said the camber in the rear is within spec. Has anyone else seen this?
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If it's within spec and there is no odd tire wear or squirrely handling I wouldn't worry about it. If you think that's excessive negative rear camber check out the rear camber on a Honda Element sometime.

On the new HR-V and many other cars the rear fenders stick out widest at the top center and taper inwards towards the body as you get closer to the ground. When perspective is viewed from the rear of the vehicle at a low angle this gives the optical illusion of more negative camber than it actually is.


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