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Yet Another Great Review!

"While 2016 HR-V may not be the end all, be all in sub-compact crossover performance and off-road utility, it does represent an affordable, quality built, fun to drive and easy to look at automotive transformer of measurable personality and likable characteristics. For us, HR-V is a very viable purchase consideration for those drivers wishing for a crossover featuring ease of maneuverability, an interior of multi-configurable passenger and cargo placement, sensory pleasing, quality feel body line and interior finishes. HR-V sits in a niche of it’s own. It truly unique unto itself.

As Honda’s Jeff Conrad stated in Los Angeles, “When HR-V comes to market there will be nothing else like it.” Looking to the competition, we agree. Priced from MSRP $19,115+ for the basic yet well equipped LX 2wd 6 speed manual transmission, to MSRP $25,840+ for the top of the lineup 2016 HR-V EX-L CVT AWD with Navi, HR-V presents a purchase or lease opportunity for automotive buyer’s seeking a bit more fun and standard featured safety than is generally found in an entry-level 5 door hatchback.

From what we discover in HR-V, Honda hasn’t cut any corners on vehicle drive capability, measurable performance, safety and comfort features. HR-V drives like it looks, and is a great automotive purchase value. Honda tells us that 2016 HR-V will be distributed to dealers nationwide(beginning) the week of May 2015. We're excited!"

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