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Interesting... Porsche doesn't have problems with their horizontally-opposed engines, as their reliability is rated number one. I can liquidate everything I own
and buy a one-third shared ownership in a new 911-R Cup, is it? with some others, maybe. Sleep near it in the garage.
I had a BMW R-100 RS cycle w/horizontally opposed, and never a problem with leaks or sealing. It wasn't water-cooled though.
I've still got five-thousand to go on the HRV power-train warranty... hope it breaks before then, if it's going to. Maybe I've taken too good care and it's going to wait until 75K.
Also thinking about a repair policy.
Probably won't be inexpensive. Anyone know anything about such? And... does anyone know if the CVT-unit part numbers differ between '16 and '20 model-years?
I could get a new-and-improved? crashed unit and save it for the future.
Porshe were rated the most unreliable brand you can buy in a recent UK vehicle reliability/ satisfaction survey.
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