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first thing I’m goin to do is install some tweeters since mine didn’t come with any

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New Year family jaunt to Meikleour (pronounced McClure, as in Doug!) to stay in a self contained cottage for a few days. Temperatures were around -9C. Braemar is only 40 miles away and had recorded temperatures of -19C just a few days before our arrival, fortunately I had stocked up on -25C screenwash and de-cer. I have a carport at home so defrosting the car is a bit of a novelty.
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After de-icing. The path out on the left was solid ice, however, the Vector 4Seasons dealt with both the ice, and the mahoosive pot holes on the farm track that lead to the cottage with aplomb.
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The picture on the right shows the estates workers trimming back the 100ft hedges that used to surround the main house.
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481 - 486 of 486 Posts