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T-minus 23 hours to HR-V U.S. Launch at LA Auto Show

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Ok, according to the LA Auto Show Schedule of events ( Honda's Press Conference / Vehicle Debuts will begin at 12:35 PM Pacific Time.

If anyone finds a link to a live webcast of the unveil please post it here, I would be very interested in watching.

My hopes / dreams for the HR-V I hope they address the unveiling.....
- A manual transmission offered in at least LX, and hopefully EX trim levels and higher.
- An engine bigger than what the Fit has as an option if not standard
- An ACTUAL vehicles at dealerships date so I can test drive one!
- Pricing structure for each trim level
- Some hard specification figures, especially on max cargo space
- Android phone support
- Options / Accessories (seat colors, what's standard / what's optional, etc.)

The anticipation is killing me, I have half a mind to call in sick for tomorrow and drive down tonight from Sacramento to be there in-person :D
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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