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Tailgate keep opening

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Hi all ,new here
Honda HRV EX 2015 ,diesel, 36000 miles
Had the keyless light on dashboard on and off,changed the battery keys,still coming on and off.Been in the garage but they said no error was recorded.
Noticed 2 days ago that I can not open the tailgate,watched the YouTube tutorial how to open from inside and worked,but today my wife couldn't lock the car with the key fob.
Checked myself and there is the tailgate who is keep opening.With the tailgate open I can hear how the lach is opening on and on and on (can't see the laxh moving is just the noise inside ).Didn't drive it yet to see if is doing that when running.Manged to lock the car in the end and I will go again to the garage ,but I need an advice please as the car has warranty from the seller.
Maybe I could fix myself instead seling a kidney to pay for fixing in the garage .
Thanks in advance.
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