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Tailgate Lower Trim Panel Removal - How to?

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Does anyone know if you must remove the upper, left and right trim before the lower one can be removed? I have a rattling issue that I think originates behind the lower trim. I stuck some foam behind it which works slightly to muffle it but I suspect one of the clips is loose or broken so I'll need to get behind it to investigate.

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2016 HRV right? You should add a signature with year and trim level of your HRV.

It's been a while but if I recall the covers overlap. So it's top piece, side pieces and then bottom section.

I removed it all to make it easier for the window tinting shop to tint the rear window.
Our HRV is a base level HRV that did not have the rear windows tinted.

The covers pop off easily. You should have some of the various clips on hand before you remove anything on a Honda.

Plus you will see how thin and chintzy the rear hatch is. I recommend to spray in some Rust Check or Fluid film inside the rear hatch.
Also make sure the 2 rubber drain plugs/flaps at the bottom are free and clear.
I already mentioned the rear hatch spoiler in your other thread.
Yes sorry. 2016

Thanks. A bit unfamiliar with the rubber drain plus you mentioned
go to youtube....there are a few videos
There isn't, at least none that I could find specific to the HRV. If you know of one that would be great
about 3:40 into this video
Thanks that's helpful. Not super detailed but I'll take it, it's better than nothing. Sucks that the top and sides have to be removed first. That just increases the chances of clips breaking. I'll ensure I get spares before removing
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1 - 4 of 12 Posts