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Well I have created a lot of discussion and a lot of good info. Yesterday I go to take a pic of the dash. Well i be damn if someone has not put a rear window defroster button on the lower right. From discussion above it also powers the heat mirrors. I must say I am not overly impressed by this layout. Other than giving the auto control and separate temps it is a distraction. The good old three knobs in my Fit worked quite well.

Now if I could only remember all the functions of the buttons on the right hand side of the wheel. I read and forget. It comes with ageing .

Thanks everyone for all your comments and help.

So your Canadian 2020 Sport HVAC is identical to our Canadian 2016 LX HVAC, other than the dual zone option.

The advantage to Honda making very few changes to the HRV for 7 models years in North America is that so many parts will interchange when the HRV's start making their way to the autowreckers.

There are already tons of HRV's in our local autowreckers where CVT's and engines are readily available for less than Cdn$1000 each.

As for forgetting which button is where.. We now have 5 vehicles for some reason (my hot rodding hobby is getting out of hand) and even with only 3 on the road at any one time, its a challenge jumping from 1 to the other!
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