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Torque News Previews their HRV preview...

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scrolling through the comments section, i came across this valuable comment:

Welcome David. That's a good question. Sitting in HR-V at the Los Angeles Auto Show, I found the driver-side legroom to be more than adequate for my 6 ft 5 inch frame. The front passenger room is a bit tighter due the the curvature of the dashboard, However, I believe it be roomier than most vehicles in the class. As to Fit: I have several hours logged behind the wheel of 2015 Fit and find it to be comfortable enough for a entry level 5 door hatchback. Where Fit shines over the competition is in the 2nd row bench quality and configurable 40/60 bench seating. I don't have the forward cab measurements on hand for HR-V, but I believe it to be close to or identical to Fit with a difference as to the center consul design. HR-V features more of a "cockpit" feel.
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