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Hello all! I am a new owner of a 2020 HRV. I have been trying to utilize this vehicle to the best of my ability, and customize it to be “mine”. I have figured out how to change the eco color around the speedometer-however, it’s only that color when stationary or if I press the gas too hard. Otherwise, it’s green and/or an unfortunate orange color. Is there a way to make my chosen color the color for green and customize the other colors (what would be mint green to white)?
Second question. I was trying to figure out how to add my city to traffic and weather information and I don’t see it (or any city even near me) in the list. I did try a light google search before posting here, to no avail. So I figured I would join and ask the forum. Is there a way to add my city so I can appropriately use this feature?
Also, any other customizable tips and suggestions? I have a wallpaper that displays now, and the color scheme is purple instead of blue.
I love to customize :)
Thanks in advance!
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