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Amazing what you can find using Google Translate:

For example: you want info on 'Vezel leg space'

1. Go to Google Translate

2. Select from English to Japanese

3. Enter Leg Space
(each word on a separate line, otherwise Google gives you the Japanese pronunciation of the English words, i.e. reggusupēsu, l's become r's, etc.)

4. Hit translate and you get 足スペース

5. Paste that and Vezel into Google Search and you get these links.

No measurements for front leg space but, hey, the first entry hit Translate this page and you can find out how to build a bed for the back of your Vezel!

Other links give Vezel vs. Juke, Vezel vs. Crosstrek XV, etc. comparisons.

N.B. You're on your own translating the "Google English" :)
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