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What did you do to your Honda HRV today?

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Share what you did today with the HRV community!

Example: I took her out of the garage and gave her a nice bath and followed up with a coat of wax.

Example: Finally got my window tints done, now I can't open my windows for a week :(

Anything goes....
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splash guards and window visors aka rain guards. All from college hills Honda. OEM equipment. Install was super easy
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I have OEM mudflaps fitted to my HR-V. My only complaint with the set I have is I wish the rear mudflaps overhang was the same length as the fronts, as they appear to be approximately 15cm too short to be fully effective. I get very little debris thrown up behind the front mudflaps, however, it is a different story with the rears. Fortunately the HR-V has a very short rear overhang, so not much of the bodywork gets hit with mud and crap - I live next to two farms!

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That’s a great point, I didn’t even notice that. I guess I’m going to find out when i run through some light mud on the road. I like your wheels way better than mine. Are those stock?
Standard on SE trim; S, SE, EX.

I guess this was Honda's attempt to S-EX up the HR-V!
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Some unplanned body work. A deer decided he was gonna end it all and jumped in front of my vehicle on the way home from work. 😫
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Just an update to my post on 26 May 2022 (#503).

Ever since I purchased my vehicle in March 2020, I have heard the occasional knocking noise coming from somewhere behind me, possibly the rear section of the exhaust. UK models come with an OSR lidded storage compartment for storing the factory supplied breakdown kit. You can see the release handle for it below the 12v socket in the image below.
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During cleaning the interior, I noticed that some of the restraining bands and clips were not doing a very good job of holding the breakdown kit in place and it was actually the various components of the kit that were rattling about hitting the metal frame for holding them in position and possibly the bodywork of the vehicle itself.

Since securing these items to the under boot storage, (see below), there has been no more knocking!

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Very Happy Chappy!
The American version doesn’t have that cool little compartment
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Bloody deer, it sounds like they are as unpredictable as our Kangaroos. :mad:
Yeah, they sure are. Broad daylight and almost summer. Very random time for him to be crossing the road.
After fresh plugs and better coolant - 45 cruise control all the way to the store this morning.
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AWD or FWD? I don’t get anywhere near that MPG. That’s phenomenal
Finished polishing my exhaust
Nice job!! Looks great!!
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Illuminated doorsill protector install. I searched high and low for these in white. Eventually had to settle for the blue.
That’s looks great.
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