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Honda's press release claims the following:

All-new HR-V will launch this winter with sleek and expressive styling...
But no, it won't.

I would not describe the HR-V as "sleek" nor "expressive".

I think the following are more apt adjectives:

  • Modern
  • Conservative
  • Utilitarian
  • Active
  • Rounded

Don't get me wrong -- I like the HR-V and it's probably going to be my wife's next car. But make no mistake, this is not a cool sports car or anything that could be called sleek and expressive.

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I really don't give a **** as to how they describe in their press releases, I like the way it looks. I just wish they would start giving us more details like:

when will production start
what engine will it have
what are the trim levels
what are the color choices
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