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What potential differences will the Canadian release have over the US

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Hi there,
Just an intro to myself. I'm Vic, live in Canada and often see the different packages we get vs US clients.

For example with the new Fit, we can get a fully loaded fit, exl nav with sunroof and leather seats and either cvt or manual.

The older fits, like my 09 generation gets heated side mirrors, but we never got the better radio.

Regardless.....I'm wondering if we will be able to order, a loaded HRV with manual option and awd - as it seems its listed, at least as a US model its only fwd if you want the manual.

I know in the past with the CRV, u wanted a manual, you can only get a basic FWD version. Then they dropped manuals all together.

Wonder what will be available? Or maybe they will try it out for a year and see how the demand is.

Re the it me, but I think the 1.8L engine the HRV will get is not earth dreams....meaning its the older tech engine.

Maybe this will open the door to a more powerful engine, during mid cycle refresh time in a couple of years?

I'm just a little surprised new car, doesn't get earth dreams technology - like the fit, accord crv....unless I'm mistaken.

What do you guys think?

Myself I've been eyeing the HRV for 2 years now, since it was shown in detroits auto show.
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I think you hit it, mostly weather specific differences. One of the KIA's offers a ridiculous winter pack if my memory is serving me correct...
what do u think about the engine being ivtec and not the latest earth dreams based engine?
what do u think about the engine being ivtec and not the latest earth dreams based engine?
Pleased actually. DI engines build up carbon on the valves and there is the potential for longevity issues because of the highly pressurized demands on the fuel pump...

but we could or should save this conversation for its own thread :D
Welcome to the forum!

Usually the differences for Canada have to do with winter weather conditions. Heated seats, AWD, ABS, etc...
canadian models also come with DRL's which some US models do not get.
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