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Winter Beater HRV!

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New here but not new to car forums.

We love Honda's and have owned several and still have a slightly modified 2006 Acura TSX which has been an outstanding car and that we do not plan to get rid of ever.

Picked up a used, rough and cheap 2016 HRV. Base LX, zero options, 2wd CVT for winter use.
We ski a ton in the the winter and front wheel drive with narrow winter tires is all we need. I am not a fan of AWD at all.
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It looks good in the picture but it is rough. Many rock chips and scratches, curbed wheels, squeeks and rattles, broken cup holder, etc, etc.
Low miles though (50, 000km/30, 000miles). 1 owner, no accidents in Carfax. Still has another 11 months and 10,000km of base warranty on it.
Although it was at a Honda dealer, it was low priced since it a base 2wd model and was quite rough looking.
I made a super low offer and they accepted it.

It doesn't even have the rear windows tinted which we will have done.
The only options it has is the lame CVT, block heater and mud flaps. Thats it.
But luckily it doesn't have an TPMS system and no sunroof. I hate sunroof's.

To do list:
  • check everything. Brakes, suspension, tires, fluids,
  • touch up all the rock chips and scratches.
  • 16inch winter tires and wheels
  • tint rear windows
  • fix center console cupholders.
  • change CVT trans fluid
  • larger mudflaps on the front
  • tint the 3rd center mounted red brake light.
  • weathertech floor mats
  • numerous interior rattles and the rear spoiler is rattling on the back hatch.
I think thats's it!
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In the picture you have something on your bonnet. Is that a wind deflector of sorts?
Our 2022 has this issue as well. Just a year and a half old, and less than 20k miles on it. If it's below 35F that thing squeaks like crazy for the first few minutes. Was considering throwing the issue at the dealer, but if they want to charge me for it, I'll just do it myself. What oil did you use for it?

I just used some oil that was in my small oiler. It's just a light machine oil. It's not critical.
There are several different flavors of the HRV HVAC fans.
On ours, you can only access one of the bearings. Peel off a sticker and oil it.
There is no easy way to oil the other bearing on the fan side of the motor.

Since your fan is squeaking at such a warm temp, you can likely reproduce it for the Honda dealer to get it replaced under warranty.

In the picture you have something on your bonnet. Is that a wind deflector of sorts?
It's a cheap car bra that we only use for winter highway travel.
Our use of our HRV is unique as we only drive it in the winter, which accounts for the low mileage on it.
We have never driven it in the summer, it has never had the OEM summer tires and wheels on it.
The original Michelin summer tires have likely aged out by now and are junk.

Post #10 in this thread has more details on the car bra plus the lower front grill cover I use on our HRV.
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How bad is that I saw your blog only today(( For 1 and a half weeks I was trying to do the intake on my HRV 2019 AWD. I spent money, installed a cold intake, short, short in the box. Fortunately, I didn’t buy expensive and famous kits but trying to do it myself (saved a little) Finally, I removed the intake resonator and just brought the pipe from the filterbox to the grill, behind the radiator. And that's the best option!!
I'll sell all the accumulated junk and order K&N to OEM place. So I planned it initially, but I didn’t want to wait and chased power, but it turned out longer and the car drove worse.
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