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Dislikes about the Honda HRV, lets hear it!

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What do you dislike about the HRV?
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It’s a 21 exl. With the warranty on it I didn’t want issues from that and didn’t want to deal with the hassle of trying to find a different seat, hoping the heated seats still work, etc. I just give up.
I despise how uncomfortable the driver seat is. After 20 minutes of driving I can’t stand it. I bought my HRV because of fuel economy and the cargo space. But after a year of ownership I’m just miserable. So I’m trading it in for a CRV. The seat flat out sucks.
This is quite ironic for me as I did the opposite. The seat in my 2016 CRV was like you describe, the RH side squab used to dig into my thigh. When I made a complaint, the seat was swapped out under Warranty because Honda said the the bolster on the squab collapsed, the new seat was no different.
I find the HRV's seat to be far more comfortable, just goes to show, one size does not suit all. :)
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This is quite ironic for me as I did the opposite. The seat in my 2016 CRV was like you describe, the RH side squab used to dig into my thigh. When I made a complaint, the seat was swapped out under Warranty because Honda said the the bolster on the squab collapsed, the new seat was no different.
I find the HRV's seat to be far more comfortable, just goes to show, one size does not suit all. :)
Yep for sure. I have that exact issue. Plus it’s squeaks constantly. Issues started happening after the seat came apart from the rails while driving. So Honda dealer replaced the rails and the lower seat cushion. After that it was even more uncomfortable. This was my first brand new vehicle since 02’.
Would be cheaper to change out your seat,
Or, ask at an auto/boat upholstery shop. They could modify the bolstering in your original seat, to suit your torso for less than the depreciation hit you would take. (Everyone has different proportions after all)

Ask them about an inflatable lumber support inside the seat, too.
I’m actually making out like a bandit. No depreciation. Actual equity. So it worked out in the end. I’m just waiting on the crv to be built.
I’m just waiting on the crv to be built.
Hopefully they won't gauge you 'over invoice'. Many stories about that, these days.
I’m just waiting on the crv to be built.
When you get it check everything works. There have been a couple of threads (CNBC, NY Times) on my Google feed that to get vehicles out to customers certain features or equipment have been deleted or disabled due to the chip shortage.

Some companies have been up front about it, others not so much.

Seat comfort on my HR-V has improved immensely since I fitted an inflatable pump to the drivers seat backrest. Currently have it attached via velcro under a seat cover, but may look to get it installed professionally.
All in all I like my 2018 AWD CVT but there are a couple of things that bug me about the CVT. Even on the slightest bit of a climb, the RPM goes up as the CVT goes to a lower ratio even though I am bearly on the gas. I get it, that's how it is supposed to work. This thing doesn't have a ton of torque. I feel however that if I had a manual I could easily climb this very slight grade in high gear and get a bit better MPG. This also happens in the Econ mode. Even running on the level, when I was in Florida, the RPM would vary between 2000 and 2500 when going a constant 65MPH.

Ok, so there is always manual mode with the paddle shifters... they are cool and great, at least on Formula 1 cars where you don't turn the wheel more than a quarter turn one way or the other. I would just as soon have the controls on the gearshift where you can find them even if you are making a 90 degree turn. Also, in manual mode, you cannot select the top overdrive ratio no matter how fast you are going. WHY!? 😬
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@Pgh Biker You can still get caught out in a manual even on a moderate incline. I just drop it down to 3rd or 4th and let the VTEC do its thing. Torque is great ( I ran a turbo diesel before this) but they soon run out of puff (around 1750rpm). Not really an issue with the VTEC, it is only starting to warm up by 5000rpm.
Full-size spares are going away, some cars don't even have spares, some BMWs I know of, and my Chevy Bolt don't have one, but both have other means ... one has run-flat the other self-sealing tires.
The reason for that is that flats are rare. I have not had one at least in 4-5 years, I can't recall when was the last time I had to put on a spare. Spares take up a lot of room and add weight to the vehicle that you haul around all the time. We are in a who gets the best MPG competitive world. If you have a doughnut, that is good enough.

I don't know about the USA, but here in Australia blow outs are not uncommon even in suburban and country settings. I sure as hell wouldn't want to caught on the "Marlborough Straight" - crossing the Nullabor or the back blocks of Queensland - Western Australia or Northern Territory, then having to drive hundreds of kilometers on a donut to a service station that may not even stock a tire size to suit my vehicle.

Radiator: fill it when it's cold and leave it alone. If it does not leak it's fine. There is no need to keep opening it and checking it.

The radiator system on today's cars are a closed system, as such they are meant to release water into the overflow bottle when the water gets hot and expands. As the engine and the water cools downs the radiator is meant siphon that expelled water back into the radiator, thereby keeping it full.
Mine does not siphon back when it cools down. Now how far below the filler neck the water level is heaven knows, I cannot see any water at all. There has to be to an air leak somewhere in the system for that to happen, whether it be in the radiator itself or a hose or hose connection point, the point is the closed radiator system is not working as it should.

View attachment 33393
As far as the radiator, it's not a design issue but I'd agree that you have a problem. Most likely the cap or connections on the hose going to the bottle. Could also be a defect in the recovery bottle itself.
I recently purchased a new '22 HR-V Sport (US) and these are my gripes:

The ignition key and fob are old school. I still have to insert the key and turn to start the engine. And the key portion doesn't even retract into the fob. Talk about dated!
No overhead light in the trunk area. The light on the side isn't bright enough.
No glovebox light
No auto on/off headlights. Super dated!
141 measly horses
Cup holder placement
Lack of front seat storage space. The storage behind the cup holders is a joke.
No center armrest in the backseat
Chrome lugnuts on black wheels

Other than that, i still love my HR-V!!!
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Some of your dislikes are market and model related; I can tick off 3 of your dislikes.

You can upgrade the boot light to LED;

As for your chrome wheel nuts, your dealer should be able to supply you with black ones, or get them online.
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First thing: lack of power, and second lack of Variable Intermittent Wiper in the LX model
What do you dislike about the HRV?
1. The rear cargo cover. Annoying when you have put stroller in.
2. Dislike that theres no manual transmission available for HRV in Australia.
So, things that I would like to see:

1. An improved cup holder. I don't like how it slides and lifts. The mechanism is plastic and I feel it's going to bust.
2. Automatic rear tail lift gate option including automatic closing function (available on CRV)
3. Optional powered seat. The only options are manual which is annoying when you have two very different sized people driving.
4. The usual "why can't I do this colour with this seat option?" and the "why can't I drive stick in an EX-L Navi?"
It feels like it’s going to break because it IS.
Start driving it in sport mode
I found that when I thought the HR-V was underpowered I was actually babying it too much. Just press the pedal a little more aggressively. It has the power needed.....
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Wtf about the cup holding situation?!?!? It’s awful
I think this may be spec dependent.

The multi adjustable cup holders in my HR-V are some of the best I've used, certainly better than the VW energy drink contraptions that they have been fitting for the last decade and a half.

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What do you dislike about the HRV?
Air conditioner is too weak for the South! Rough ride Road noise!! Radio system is not for old folks!!
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The Fuel Flap does not unlock with the Central Locking.
No 'Maintenance' mode for the Windscreen wipers, very handy when washing the vehicle or when changing the blades which I tend to do twice a year.
Drivers seat does not go back far or low enough.
Key has to be in the ignition to use the 12v sockets (which is also a plus for me!).
Ice Warning light, only comes on for a few seconds (blink and you'll miss it!), instead of staying on until the Warning is no longer relevant, as with my previous vehicle.
Glovebox is of the 'drop in bucket style' instead of the more useful and easier to use shelf type.
No light in the glovebox, not even on European models!!!!
No sunglasses holder - since rectified!
No cupholders in the rear seat arm rest.
Lack of lumbar support on drivers seat.
No seat back pocket on the drivers seat - since rectified!
The windscreen is horribly warped
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